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Discount Factory Petroleum Resin Fuse is made in China. Harvest Enterprise is a petroleum resin manufacturer and supplier in China. Generally, petroleum resin is classified into four types as per the different raw materials. It is C5 Resin, C9 Resin, Hydrogenated resin, and C5/C9 copolymerized resin.

1.1 C5 Petroleum Resin Applications

1.1.1 Tackifier Industry

It is used in the adhesive industry, which related to the structure and decoration of the construction industry, automobile assembly, tires, wood processing, commodity packaging, bookbinding, baby diapers, footwear industry, etc.C5 Aliphatic hydrocarbon resins are widely used in hot-melt adhesives,pressure-sensitive adhesives, etc.

1.1.2 Additive Industry

A. Paint industry: It is the main additive in the paint industry, which can speed up the drying of the paint film,improve the end-product's water resistance, enhance acid and alkali resistance, strengthen the surface hardness, and raise the surface gloss.

B. In the rubber industry, Generally, the consumption of C5 Resin is approximately 15%; the main role is softening and increasing the viscosity in order to improve the processability. Until now, our customers have had good usage in the synthetic rubber industry, such as SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), BR (butadiene rubber), HIIR (halogenated butyl rubber), etc.

C. Asphalt material: It can be used as the main additive in asphalt material.which are widely used in housing construction, especially in the color of road pavement.

D. Medical industry: Aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is widely used in the blood bag, the package of liquid drugs, etc. And make up for the defects of polypropylene and polybutene in the medical package with more heat resistance, more transparency, and more softness.

1.1.3 Paper Industry

Generally, the C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is made into an emulsion and used as the sizing agent in the paper industry. Owing to the fact that the resin is a non-polar polymer, which cannot directly be the sizing agent emulsion, it must be mixed with rosin or another maleic anhydride with active groups. At present, we study many kinds of resin, which can be widely used in the paper industry.

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