Oval Ring Joint Gasket

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Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented, comprehensive and diversified large-scale private enterprise, taking the production of paper, Gasket Materials of flexible graphite, asbestos & non-asbestos, carbon black and gasket & Packing as the pillar industry and engaged in foreign trade, real estate and scientific research simultaneously.

Since its establishment in 1996, by flexible management and constant innovation, the group has made great development-from a trading company to a business entity mainly engaged in scientific research and production.

We spare no efforts to introduce the international standardized management system into our companies. Our Group has successfully passed the ISO quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification, which upgrading the product quality, environmental protection, production satety and management level of the company and bringing the company to the international standardized management process.

Product Description

Oval Ring Joint Gasket means to the metal gasket of oval-shaped section by processing metal materials. It is of pressure energized

seal in radial directioMetal ring gasketsare the sealing gaskets of various forms processed from the solid metals of various

materials through mechanical cutting by high precision CNC lathes. Featuring small installation areaand high pretension

pressure, they are applied in sealing parts of pressure vessels, valves andcylinders in the environments of high temperature,

high pressure and high corrosiveness. 

Note: When octagonaltype is chosen, the material hardness of the pad should be 15~20HB lower than that of the flange face. It is

recommended the pad is not recycled.

Applicable standards:

ANSI B16.5-1973 、 JPI-75-15-70 、 GB 699 、 GB1220 、 JB755 、 HG20633-97

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