Orbiter Broadcast Cable Drum

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The ONEREEL® Orbiter Broadcast Cable Drum is made of high-strength steel by forging. These two main features allow for perfect protection of sensitive fiber technology and enhanced utilization of limited storage space, especially in mobile devices. The track cable drum has a large capacity; our largest drum can take up to 7000 m of 6 mm or 2500 m of 9.2 mm cable.

The WITDH is extensible depending on the required capacity resulting from a given length and cable diameter. These features allow our customers to use the smallest cable drum possible or handle large volumes to make the most of the space. Simply specify the length and diameter of the cable, and we will provide you with the most suitable drum size. Download and view the table that shows all deliverable cable reel sizes, referring to a given cable diameter and length.

ONEREEL® Orbiter Broadcast Cable Drum is mainly used in sawing wire, which is a kind of Main feature:

• Optimized for fiber optics

• 22 sizes by customized widths

• Large sizes are available 

• Protective connector bracket

• Lightweight and very robust aluminum structure

• Noncorrosive

• Ergonomic aluminum profiles

• Safe and easy stacking 

• Permanently attached fold-away crank

• Tension brake with steady and adjustable friction

• Replaceable feet and brakes

• 1-year warranty

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