NBR Rubber Compound

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The NBR rubber compound is one of our high-quality rubber compounds. The NBR rubber compound has good resistance to heat, air tightness, wear and water resistance, and strong adhesion. which is suitable for you to make into a rubber bellow, seal, hose, and so on.

With over thirty years of experience as a rubber company, Xiamen Liangji Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. has developed into a leading manufacturer of rubber compounds. We have a professional formulation team that can help you get the best quality rubber compound at a lower price. We give you a competitive edge, whatever the end application.

Rubber compounds are a mixture of the main polymer, fillers, carbon black color pigments, and other chemicals from a finished rubber material. In order to meet the needs of the customers and help them purchase the rubber compound at a competitive price, we update our rubber compound every week. There are different strengths, such as good resistance to water and high tensile strength, in different formulations.

We have strong suits in:

1. Just add sulfur to vulcanize

2. A stable formulation to meet your needs

3.Competitive price

4. Excellent physical properties

5. Professional text report

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