Winter planetary reducer oil leakage: how to do

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Oil leakage is a common problem with retarders and their various industrial equipment. A reducer is an auxiliary piece of equipment; once the oil leakage occurs, it will cause anomalies in the work and will continue to cause damage. When the oil leakage is serious, it will continue to cause damage in the middle of the transmission gear and cause damage to the machine and equipment. Then what is the cause of the oil leakage from the planetary reducer?

1. Pressure difference between inside and outside the reducer

2. The design scheme of the hydraulic winch of the drilling rig platform is not scientific.

3. There is too much oil when the reducer is running.

4. The overhaul process is not perfect.

Decelerator oil leakage phenomenon in winter, due to the low temperature in winter, if you do not deal with the oil leakage phenomenon immediately, the oil will quickly dry solid, today to tell you how to solve the planetary reducer oil leakage phenomenon in winter.

1. Remove all the planetary reducer, then turn the mouse cursor to the sky (grease mark in most Z), twist the grease mark on the reducer shell, and fill with sealant or grease mark.

2. After the oil in the machine is dry, the oil is removed from the oil trace on the reducer housing, the skeleton seal, or the mimeograph line on the leather, and then the oil is added to the planetary reducer.

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